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If you know us, you know we are an active and engaged association that commits to advancing the multifamily industry in Indiana. We remain focused on our goal, but we also know how to have fun. Unlike most meetings you attend, our committee meetings are composed of passionate professionals dedicated to their roles and their energy is absolutely contagious. After attending one of our committee meetings you’ll feel inspired to start a morning routine or cross off that one item on your to-do list that never seems to leave. We have committee meetings for every type of person too and they don’t require too much of your time – about one meeting per quarter depending on the season.

The best way to make the most of your membership is to become involved. If you are a first time volunteer, the Ambassador Committee is the training ground for future service in other committees.

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Ambassador Committee

This is the training ground for future service in other committees. Ambassador Committee members are exposed to all areas of IAA’s operations as they work to recruit new members and welcome them into the association and work with existing members to expand the Vic the Vendor and Members Buy From Members programs. Meets three times per year.

Professional Development Committee

Help to create and support IAA’s educational offerings and advance the industry as a whole. Committee members help with the planning of free education courses, Power Lunches, the Property Bus Tour, and other courses and opportunities. Meets three times per year.

Convention Committee

Help with planning the networking events, marketing, educational seminars, and trade show that are part of the annual Midwest Multifamily Conference. Recruit sponsors/door prizes and volunteer on-site at the fall event. Meets four times per year.

Events Committee

Plan themes, locations, and entertainment for IAA’s fantastic events and fundraisers. Recruit sponsors and door prizes to bedazzle attendees. Volunteer on-site at all events. Meets four times per year.

Maintenance Professional Development Committee

Passionate about maintenance? This committee focuses on all maintenance-related events and classes hosted by IAA including Maintenance Mania, maintenance events at the Midwest Multifamily Conference, and the CAMT certification. Meets two times per year. 

Emerging Leaders Committee

This committee helps plan events and education for young professionals to promote leadership and careers in the industry. Meets three times per year.

Communications Committee

Discuss ways to increase engagement through IAA publications and initiatives. Advise on subjects, create editorial content, and promote advertising for INsites magazine and Multifamily Minute newsletter. Meets three times per year.

Microvolunteers Committee

Want to volunteer with IAA but find yourself unable to commit to attending and participating in the traditional committee? Join the alternative committee by becoming a microvolunteer, which gives you the luxury of contributing from the comfort of your laptop or smart phone. Low-commitment activities for microvolunteers include commenting/liking/sharing social media posts, testing website or app usability, writing or sharing blog posts, share with IAA interesting local or industry articles, or any other remote bite-size volunteering opportunities that may pop up for microvolunteers.

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If you have more questions about one of our committees call us at 317-816-8900 or email us at [email protected]