Upcoming Free Education

Webinar: Documenting Resident Violations

This seminar covers many of the common issues facing property managers and property owners today. Learn how to correctly document various tenant violations and strategies and techniques for documenting and solving resident violations. You will also learn the correct way to handle service and assistance animal requests. This seminar will give you fresh ideas to deal with the issues and the residents involved. You will learn not to run afoul of fair housing issues when dealing with these situations. Date: Wednesday, May 18 Time: 10:00am – 11:30am EST Speaker: Paul Flogstad Location: Via Zoom Webinar Cost: FREE for members CECs Earned: 1 Register online here!


Webinar: Being a Self-Motivated Leader: It’s Time to Fill Your Tank

Is it possible that what matters most about your engagement and motivation is discussed at the dinner table? The feelings you tell yourself on your way home from work, as well as the conversations you have over dinner, may ultimately predict your commitment to your day-to-day leadership. These feelings might be generally positive, or they may be negative. Engagement serves as the foundation for you to do your best work as a leader, and motivation is the fuel or energy required to do it. Jump into this workshop to learn three strategies for engaging as a self-motivated leader, and fill your tank with the fuel you need! Date: Tuesday, May 24 Time: 10:00am – 11:00am EST Speaker: Pamela Carrington Rotto Location: Via Zoom Webinar Cost: FREE for members CECs Earned: 1 Register online here!


Webinar: Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) Inspections

This four- hour course will help you prioritize and prepare for REAC inspections and ensure your community receives a successful score. Learn tips and tricks to help you and your team focus their preparation on the most important items. In this course, we will also review examples of the most common deficiencies and how to avoid them. Date: Friday, May 27 Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm EST Speaker: Herb Harr Location: Via Zoom Webinar Cost: FREE for members CECs Earned:Register online here!


Webinar: Advanced Fair Housing

This training session is designed for managers and leasing consultants with more than five years of experience in housing management and those who have attended numerous fair housing training sessions. Attendees will be expected to have a working knowledge of the fair housing requirements of housing providers. This session will focus on detailed information concerning various fair housing topics, including how to safely question assistance animal requests and how your property’s procedures should be shaped by the Indiana law regarding emotional support animals. This session will be loaded with real-life examples and recommendations for best practices. Bring your questions as this session will be interactive and informative. Date: Thursday, June 9 Time: 10:00am – 11:30pm EST Speaker: Leslie Tucker Location: Via Zoom Webinar Cost: FREE for members CECs Earned: 1.5 Register online here!