SAL Advanced Leadership Program

  • “The trainer had me on the edge of my seat listening.”
  • “SAL Provided insightful information about each individual rather than generalized information”
  • “Practical knowledge presented in a memorable fashion”
  • “SAL was most helpful, for me, in improving my leadership skills. Helpful in understanding how to communicate clearly and the different styles of communication”

The SAL Advanced Leadership series and retreat moves current and aspiring leaders through a track that began with emotional intelligence coupled with communication skills; focused those communication skills to coaching a team; and finally, with driving the vision. This program is designed for executives, department heads, and aspiring leaders with several years of experience leading a team. The speakers are experts in the field of organizational management, leadership development, and executive coaches.

SAL was named after Sally Lentz-Crouse, who was a leader in the multifamily housing industry and a pioneer in the real estate industry. To keep Sally’s legacy alive, in 2008 the Indiana Apartment Association began an annual leadership retreat that has now grown into an extensive leadership series that helps multifamily professionals become innovative, nuturing visionaries.

2018 SAL Advanced Leadership Program

These workshops layer leadership skills and build skillsets. The first two workshops begin with laying the foundation to success and understanding the necessity of emotional intelligence. The last two explore practical applications of managing others and how to become the most effective leadership in a world of constant change.

About the Leadership Workshop Series Instructor:

Tom Meier is a human resource consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in the areas of organizational and employee development. His areas of expertise include career management, leadership development, personality assessment, and organizational change.

About the Leadership Retreat Instructor:

Sharlee Lyons is the Director of Personal and Professional Leadership at Purdue University and head of the Krannert School of Management Leadership Academy. Sharlee’s focus in leadership development focuses on encouraging leaders and helping them realize their strengths and potential.

Leadership Retreat:

May 23, 2018

Visionary Leadership with Tom Meier
During this session, we will explore how teams translate vision into actionable strategy to set themselves apart and deliver exceptional results.

Taking Your Strengths to the Next Level with Sharlee Lyons
In this session we will review the history or strengths and review individual strengths, building on the basis of the strengths assessment that was taken by SAL 2017 participants (new participants can take for $9.99).

May 24, 2018

Communication & Teambuilding Simulation with Sharlee Lyons
In this session individuals will form teams and participate in a teambuilding and communication simulation.

Bring it Together & Move Your Leadership Forward with Sharlee Lyons
In this session we will review individual core values, personal strengths, personal distinction and emotional intelligence.