MMC Rundown

We know that several of our members could not attend the Midwest Multifamily Conference due to COVID-19 concerns or staffing shortages, and we wanted to make sure that didn’t hold anyone back. That is why IAA is offering a new feature from this year’s conference: THE MMC RUNDOWN. At just $125, the MMC Rundown is half the price of a one-day registration pass, and it includes access to every trade show booth with details about each exhibitor (who they are and what they offer), a list of sponsors, and six of our most popular education sessions:

Critical Conversations: Conflict v. Combat
with Jessica Fern-Kirkland

Two people can see things entirely differently and yet both be right. The ability to de-escalate, resolve conflict, and communicate effectively are critical in today’s world. In this important session, we’ll discover strategies to manage members of the team who aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

About the Speaker: Jessica Fern-Kirkland is a Senior Director of Training & Development for FPI, the 4th largest multifamily management company in the US and doubles as a dynamic national speaker, coach, and strategist focusing on leadership of self and fearless failure. Jessica has been seen on the National Apartment Association and Zillow conference stages, is a reputable keynote speaker, and most recently was featured on a national panel for Executive Women in Leadership with Grace Hill. Jessica has a series on Multifamily Leadership Studio that includes Legendary Leadership which earned her the nickname the Wolf of Leadership. Jessica is currently earning her bachelors degree in Psychology and serves as a Human Services Commissioner for the City of Covington.

How to Be Your Own Private Eye: Investigating Fraud When Screening
with Dan Firestone

When identity theft has never been more prevalent, it’s vital to take your investigative background screening to the next level. Discover the red flags and discrepancies that could indicate fraud, holes in your screening process and rental application you might be overlooking, and laws and regulations that can leave room for fraud.

About the Speaker: Dan Firestone has served in the background screening industry for the past 31 years focused mainly on multi-family housing. Dan is the Senior Vice President and Director of Contemporary Information Corporation (CIC), a nationwide applicant screening company that has been providing residential, employment and business entities with quality background screening reports and other products and services since 1986. Dan is SAFC – II FCRA certified as well as a licensed private investigator. In addition he holds a CAS designate through the National Apartment Association.

9 Habits of Effective Leasing Agents
with Karen Gladney

A strong onsite leasing team is the bread and butter of a successful apartment community. Your property may have fantastic marketing and the best amenities around, but if the leasing associates aren’t practicing the right habits, your property is going to struggle. Karen Gladney, an experienced multifamily leasing and marketing consultant, outlines nine habits of high-performing leasing associates.

About the Speaker: Karen Gladney is the co-founder of Power Pro leasing and founder of POWER Apartment Leasing & Marketing, Inc..  In both roles, she believes strongly in operating with integrity, sharing knowledge and being passionate about what you do. At Power Pro, she drives the company’s strategic initiatives, leads its marketing and client-touch programs, and is responsible for promoting the company’s vision.  Furthermore, her team helps guide POWER clients in reducing vacancy, increasing rents, and creating experiences to drive leases. Karen utilizes more than two decades of multifamily experience to proactively participate in and support the industry.  She is an honored inductee into the Apartment Association of Metro Denver’s Hall of Fame.

TECHniques for Rental Professionals: Presenting Information to Influence
with Lori Klinka

Whether you are speaking internally or to stakeholders you need to be clearly understood while giving information that your audience may not completely understand. Sometimes when you present information you cannot discern what is important and what should be left out. You have to think about your audience and relay information in a way THEY can understand and use. You don’t want to do a data dump and leave your audience frustrated.

About the Speaker: Lori Klinka has used her skills as a business woman, speaker, trainer, speaking coach, educator, producer and actress to bring an entertaining and informative style to her presentations and workshops. Her incorporation of her years at Second City and as an actress make her presentations come alive. Lori recently presented at the National Apartment Association and Texas Apartment Association. Lori is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and was voted “Member of the Year” in the Illinois chapter. She has taught business communication skills to over 8,000 professionals and has a successful speaking coaching business. She teaches Speaking and Acting at Columbia College in Chicago. Lori is currently writing her third book.

How to Make Evidence-Based Hiring Decisions
with Mindy McCorkle

Have you ever selected a candidate based on how well they interviewed, only to be disappointed at their actual performance once they start? Learn how to approach the candidate selection process so that you are making decisions based on real evidence. Come away with a unique set of interview questions and tools to find the RIGHT talent for your team.

About the Speaker: Mindy McCorkle has 30+ years of operations and leadership experience in restaurant operations and property management. She’s held just about every role in those industries, from front-line roles to executive positions, has served on numerous boards, and countless volunteer committees.  She has too many awards and accolades to list here, and she doesn’t really like to talk about them anyway. As the owner of Enhancement Talent Development, LLC, her mission is to enhance the talent and performance of clients’ teams through exceptional learning experiences and unique coaching strategies while motivating individuals to explore greater self-fulfillment, higher self-awareness, and transformational thinking. 

Building a Culture of Accountability
with Terri Norvell

Delivering results from your team is a critical measure of your success as a manager. This session will help you develop each team member in a way that supports their maximum potential and engagement to deliver results. Learn to coach for accountability and walk away with practical tools to effectively communicate, stop micromanaging, and achieve greater results.

About the Speaker: Terri has traveled the U.S. coaching, mentoring, and inspiring business leaders and teams of all shapes and sizes. She assists in bridging the gap from playing business & life whack-a-mole to creating greater results with ease, happiness and peace of mind. She’s often called a: Strategic Sherpa, Trust Teacher, Magnetic Motivator, Mental Makeover Magician, Trusted Advisor.  Throughout her 25 years of executive leadership, she has served with the titles of President, Vice President, and General Manager with property management, construction and temporary housing organizations. 

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