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Whether you are an owner, manager, builder, developer, or supplier to multifamily housing in Indiana, the Indiana Apartment Association is a valuable resource that can help you increase your bottom line. We provide information, services, tools and activities designed to support your goals and serve your interests as a professional in the apartment industry.

Owner/Manager Membership

Keep your Properties Compliant, Professional, and Profitable.

As the multifamily housing industry continues to boom in Indiana, your competition is growing too. To stay on top, you need tools and resources to succeed. The Indiana Apartment Association (IAA) is a trade organization that represents owners/managers of almost a quarter million units across Indiana, promotes the multifamily industry, and advocates faithfully for its members.

IAA membership is extremely affordable and delivers incredible return on investment by giving you access and member discounts to benefits such as: 

Owner/Manager Membership Benefits 

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Supplier Membership

Gain direct access to hundreds of potential customers.

If your business plan includes expanding your revenue from the multifamily housing industry, you won’t find a better investment than a supplier membership in the Indiana Apartment Association (IAA). The IAA is a trade organization that represents almost a quarter million residential units across Indiana and aggressively promotes the multifamily industry for the benefits of its growing membership.

Supplier Membership Benefits

Supplier Membership Application

Local Supplier Membership

Gain direct access to potential local customers. 

The multifamily industry is booming and that means more opportunities for the local companies that provide products and services to the industry. One of the best ways to capitalize on this opportunity is a Local Supplier Membership in the Indiana Apartment Association. This affordable, targeted investment can open many new doors for your business from the first day you join.

Local Supplier Membership Benefits 

Local Supplier Membership Application 

If you would like to learn more about the Indiana Apartment Association, please contact the IAA office at 317-816-8900. Director of Membership Lauren O’Neill can be reached at 317-663-7020 or [email protected]t to discuss your business’ needs. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon!

Owner/Manager Membership Benefits

Download the Membership Benefit Brochure Here.

IAA membership is extremely affordable and delivers incredible return on investment by giving you access and member discounts to benefits such as:


You’ll have IAA advocating in the Indiana General Assembly to protect your rights and fighting for issues that keep the Indiana multifamily industry strong.


Online Resources – Through the IAA website you’ll have access to:

  • Event/Class registration
  • IAA Online membership directory
  • Online Community – a robust, members-only place where you can network, share ideas, discuss challenges, post questions, read and share blog content, search for other IAA members, and more.
  • Online Fair Housing – IAA has partnered with The Fair Housing Institute to provide this easy-to-use, Indiana-specific, 24/7 training for you and your staff.

News & Info – Our IAA team works to keep you informed and compliant. As a member, you’ll receive invaluable information through publications such as:

  • IAA’s Legislative Update (weekly during Indiana General Assembly)
  • INsites Magazine, (bi-monthly)
  • Units Magazine (national)
  • Multifamily Minute (weekly)

The Midwest Multifamily Conference – We host the Midwest’s largest multifamily conference where IAA members can learn about new products and services, attend educational offerings, hear nationally-known speakers, network with peers, meet suppliers, and more.

The IAA Career Center – Connect with qualified, talented job seekers to fill your jobs more quickly at affordable prices for members.

IAA Membership App – Download the IAA app to view the membership directory, buyers guide, and events calendar; register for classes, access social media, find resources, and more!


Each year, we offer more than 50 free classes on a wide variety of topics designed to keep you and your staff updated with the skills and knowledge of the best in the multifamily industry, offering free courses statewide and certifications such as:

  • CAM – Certified Apartment Manager
  • NALP – National Apartment Leasing Professional
  • CAPS – Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor
  • CAMT – Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians
  • CPO – Certified Pool/Spa Operator
  • LIHTC/HCCP – Low Income Housing Tax Credit Certification
  • EPA/CFC Certification
  • R-410A Certification

We are constantly expanding our reach, now offering free events and classes to IAA members in:

*Indianapolis * Jeffersonville * Evansville * Lafayette * Bloomington * Merrillville * South Bend


Being an IAA Member gives you exclusive access to the National Apartment Association’s Click & Lease program. This web-based leasing program makes leasing your units fast, safe, and simple. You don’t have to worry about staying up on state and local regulations because Click & Lease updates the lease language regularly to reflect Indiana law and legislative changes.

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Add your name to the growing list of multifamily owners and management companies that benefit from IAA membership.

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Supplier Membership Benefits

Download the Membership Benefit Brochure Here.

IAA supplier membership is extremely affordable and delivers an unmatched return on investment. There are five tiers of membership, which allows you to choose your level of benefits which give you the chance to: 


NETWORKING! As an IAA Supplier Member, you have direct access to key decision-makers at all levels (you will even have opportunities to speak/present your company) at events such as:

  • Power Lunches
  • PAC Golf Classic
  • Maintenance Mania
  • Property Bus Tour
  • Industry Summit
  • And more!


ADVERTISING & SPONSORSHIPS – Your supplier membership includes a wide range of opportunities to advertise your business to the multifamily industry. Sponsorships are available to supplier members to further extend your reach


MEMBERS BUY FROM MEMBERS! We have established a culture in which our members look to other IAA members/suppliers first when they need products and services. It’s because IAA members know that other members can be trusted to deliver the highest quality products and services.


TOOLS & RESOURCES – You’ll stay current on industry developments, regulations, and trends through a variety of membership resources such as:

  • IAA and national publications
  • Access to searchable online member directory
  • Advertising in Public Buyers Guide
  • Online Career Center and member forum


Your membership gives you access to two annual trade shows you won’t want to miss:

  • The Midwest Multifamily Conference – the largest multifamily event in the Midwest! You’ll have the opportunity to promote yourself to over 3,500 industry professionals from a five-state area. You’ll also be offered exclusive sponsorship opportunities to make an even bigger splash at the show.
  • The Reverse Trade Show – an incredible networking event where you will have the chance to meet directly with owners, management companies, and other key decision-makers from across the state.

Invest in Your Success

Become an IAA Supplier Member Today

Take advantage of your growing industry – invest in an IAA Supplier Membership and instantly create new opportunities to take your business to the next level.

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Local Supplier Membership Benefits

Suppliers who provide multifamily services in one of the IAA councils; Evansville, South Bend, Merrillville, Jeffersonville, Lafayette, Bloomington

IAA Local Supplier Membership is extremely affordable, delivers excellent return on investment, and gives you the chance to: 


IAA Local Supplier membership gives you exclusive opportunities:

  • Local networking events
  • Dedicated sponsorship opportunities
  • Involvement in your local council
  • Incorporation into member directory


Get involved in local networking events and interact face-to-face with key decision makers (property owners, management companies, etc.)


MEMBERS BUY FROM MEMBERS! Which means IAA members look to member suppliers first (especially local suppliers) because IAA membership builds your credibility in the multifamily industry.


  • Access to local and statewide IAA networking events
  • Listing in both the online and printed membership directory in your area
  • Use of the “Proud Member of the Indiana Apartment Association” logo
  • New Member listing in several industry publications
  • Weekly newsletters and other IAA publications

Expand Your Business Today!

Become an IAA Local Supplier Member

Take advantage of your growing industry – invest in an IAA Local Supplier Membership and instantly create new opportunities to take your business to the next level.

The IAA Membership Team is ready to help you build your business!

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Members Buy from Members

This campaign encourages our members on the site level as well as in the corporate office to contact associate members first when looking for a product or service. Members Buy from Members provides:

• Increased visibility and the opportunity to make important contacts in your target industry.
• Professional credibility in the multifamily marketplace.
• Expanded sponsorship opportunities that create even greater exposure.

Join IAA’s own Vic the Vendor in supporting associate member business. This fun mascot reminds our members and others active at our properties that Members Buy From Members. Vic appears in various publications, social channels and even live at events. Keep an eye out for Vic in and around IAA events and display Vic proudly at your property!

Help IAA get the word out on the great benefits of membership in our association. By spreading the word about IAA, you are not only working to improve the industry as a whole, you are expanding your personal network of connections and improving your professional skills.

Why recruit new members?

  • Support your profession and the industry
  • Facilitate the mission of IAA and give back to our communities
  • Shepherd the opportunity for others to reach their potential
  • You expand your base of knowledgeable resources and provide for new networking opportunities
  • You provide for the future of the organization

Unsure if a business is already a member? 

Check the Buyers Guide for associate/vendor members or the Member Directory (members only benefit; login required) for direct/property members … or just ask the potential referral!

 Where to find prospective members

Prospective members are everywhere in your professional networks. Think about the vendors you use and connections you have both in the supplier realm and in properties across Indiana!

  • Clients
  • Vendors
  • Colleagues
  • Community Affiliates