Kingdom Roofing Systems: Indiana’s Safest Choice for Roofing & Siding

The shift into commercial roofing was purely organic for Kingdom. Young noticed a massive gap in how their competitors conducted business and saw it as an opportunity to create new industry standards for quality, efficiency, and, most importantly, safety.

For Kingdom, safety goes beyond sweeping the floor at the end of the day. They take meticulous care into your financial safety, community safety, and job site safety. Here’s how Kingdom is stepping it up and creating a new standard for the commercial roofing industry:


Kingdom is a company founded on the idea of being proactive. They know that prevention is always a better investment then treatment. Kingdom provides free, reliable 75-point inspections for your roof by highly qualified professionals. They have strategically placed workers throughout the state to maximum response rate and efficiency. They want to ensure your financial safety by providing honest, quality service when you need it most. A one-hour inspection can bring property managers all across Indiana years of peace of mind.

Storm damage causes nearly ⅓ of all roofing replacements, which can be claimed by insurance, yet property owners continue to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for repairs. Kingdom works directly with insurance companies to make sure you are paying only what you need to. They are able to guide you through your insurance claims, and by providing you with a free, simple inspection, they can uncover the root cause of your damage. “Imagine if your insurance company replaced your roof, what would that do to your net profit over the next 30 years?”


Your community is incredibly valuable to Kingdom, which is why they have invested in state-of-the-art technology like the Equipter to keep your community free of any harmful debris while completing a job. The Equipter allows them to catch all debris from the roof before it even hits the ground. Keeping your neighborhood dogs safe from nails on evening walks and your tenant’s car tires inflated!


Along with state of the art equipment, Kingdom has invested in technology like HOVER, which provides a 3D model of your building before it undergoes construction—allowing you to safely get a visual of the end result without ever having to come to the job site. Along with that, Kingdom has active project managers on each job site, ensuring that every aspect of the job is completed with the utmost care and integrity.

Through simple steps like free, accessible roof inspections, working with insurance companies, and investing in game-changing technology, Kingdom Roofing Systems is revolutionizing industry safety standards to protect property owners like you. Being Indiana’s safest choice for roofing, it’s time to make the right choices that put your safety and the safety of your community at the forefront.