Airbnb: Opportunity or Liability?  



Do you view Airbnb primarily as an opportunity or as a liability?

  • If you view it as an opportunity
    • Are you doing anything with Airbnb today?
    • If not, is there something specific causing you to hesitate?
  • If you view it as a liability
    • What are you primary concerns?
    • What, if anything, could change your mind?
  • Is anyone willing to share experiences with Airbnb (or similar providers) that have influenced your answer to the above question?


Full disclosure: A friend of mine owns a business in another city and is looking to get into the Indianapolis market. Essentially, management simply leases a handful of units to him (at a premium), and he has permission to list those units on Airbnb. I know there is additional liability here that you don't have with long-term rentals, but he can also help you lease units that otherwise would remain vacant.


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