Click & Lease

IAA is the exclusive provider of the National Apartment Association’s national lease in Indiana. With more than 3,500 apartment owners and managers and more than 23,000 communities nationwide participating in the NAA Click & Lease program, it is the most widely used standardized lease form in the multifamily housing industry.

With constant changes in state legislation, it is important to stay up to date on new rules, laws, and regulations pertaining to Fair Housing and the overall leasing process. The program’s lease and accompanying addenda cover every aspect of the rental process and are reviewed by expert attorneys to ensure compliance with Indiana state law and local regulation. The language of the lease is constantly monitored and modified to reflect new legislation or jurisprudence at the state and local levels. The program is designed to let the user quickly fill out lease forms through a convenient online browser that’s mobile-friendly.

The NAA/IAA Click & Lease program has a units-based pricing structure. Users pay an annual flat fee for the program and then are charged by the number of units at the property versus the amount of form pages printed by the property.

Pricing Structure

Apartment Package (50+ units per community):

  • NAA Affiliate Membership Dues (based on property location)
  • $300 Blue Moon site license fee
  • $2.99 annual per-unit fee

Small Owner Package (less than 50 units per community):

  • NAA Affiliate Membership Dues (based on property location)
  • $100 fee for first 20 units
  • $5.00 per-unit for additional units over 20