Become an Instructor

IAA is always looking for new and qualified volunteers to lead the future of the multifamily industry and provide meaningful education to our members. IAA will work with instructors on dates to offer classes and will designate the location for the class. Those interested in instructing free education must submit a course submission form for IAA approval.

Instructor Expectations

Instructors should be able to:

  • Provide material for a 30 minute to 1 and a half-hour webinar or 2- to 3-hour in-person class
  • Speak comfortably and professionally to an audience of peers
  • Be knowledgeable on the topic
  • Work with IAA staff to ensure program objectives and learning outcomes are met

View the instructor requirements for each type of education course here.

All courses are planned in conjunction with the Indiana Apartment Association staff and subject to availability. Courses should not be used as an opportunity to market or sell products or services. For questions, contact Professional Development Manager Tyler Marker at [email protected].