RRP/Lead-Based Paint Rules

RRP Rule – Effective April 22, 2010

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published its Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, which applies to all “renovations” performed for “compensation” in pre-1978 “target housing” and in “child-occupied facilities” and requires owners and occupants of these housing units and facilities to receive information on lead-based paint hazards before renovation can begin.
  • Individuals performing these renovations must be properly trained and EPA certified as “Lead Renovators” or be trained and supervised on the job by certified Lead Renovators.

Compliance Requirements

  • Management companies only need to have one EPA certified “Renovator” per company. However, the certified “Renovator” must be present on all jobs at specific times that involve renovation and repair of lead based paint even though they can train others in the company on how to properly renovate and repair.
  • A Certified Lead Renovator will have a certificate that is good for five years. They will need to take a four hour refresher course before the certification expires.
  • Every management company must apply to the EPA and pay a fee of $300 to become a Certified Renovation Firm. This status is good for five years.

Non-Compliance with RRP Rules will result in a $32,500 fine for each violation of the rule for each day of a violation.