Careers in the Apartment Industry

Property Management As A Career

A career in Property Management can be very rewarding. Success in the industry can be achieved through a variety of positions, requiring a variety of skill sets. Enjoying working with people is a critical prerequisite to a successful career in the industry. Since people’s homes are involved, there is an emotional element in all positions, and effective one-on-one communication is important. Some communities have part-time employment available in both the leasing and maintenance areas.

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Following are descriptions of the most common onsite positions:

Community Manager

The Community Manager generally oversees the overall operation of an apartment community; however, some Community Managers oversee more than one community. A Community Manager wears many hats – a good Manager needs to possess not only good administrative skills, but also sales and marketing skills and supervisory skills. The ability to manage the leasing efforts as well as the administrative tasks and the maintenance department is instrumental in an effective Manager. There is often a certain amount of autonomy as a Community Manager, based on the goals of the property owner and/or the property management company.

Some communities have Assistant Managers, depending on the size of the property.

Leasing Consultant

Professional Leasing Consultants are always in demand within the apartment industry. The primary responsibility of a leasing professional is to lease apartments. However, good customer service skills are also important. Like any other type of sales, the position requires a positive attitude, persistence and a degree of assertiveness. The joy in the position comes from staying busy with different people and a variety of interesting tasks on a daily basis.

Maintenance Superintendent/Maintenance Technician

The job of maintenance personnel is to maintain the condition of the property, as well as handle individual apartment maintenance requests. A certain amount of mechanical and technical skill is usually required, unless the position is such that on-the-job training is available. Knowledge in the areas of plumbing, electrical, HVAC may be necessary, depending on the specific position.

Some communities have maintenance personnel that specialize in certain areas, such as painting or grounds maintenance. Very often, positions from the highly skilled to entry level are available.