About Indiana Apartment Association

Who is IAA?

The Indiana Apartment Association is a statewide trade organization serving the apartment industry in the state of Indiana.

IAA Mission Statement

  1. To promote, advise and protect the general interests of the ownership and management of multi-family housing in the Indiana area by uniting those engaged in the business.
  2. To uphold the dignity of the property management profession and to acquire and disseminate useful business information among its members, to foster a spirit of cooperation among its members; to cultivate higher standards of practice and business ethics.

Currently the Indiana Apartment Association represents more than 220,000 units throughout the state, including members in eight affiliated chapters and councils. The Association provides owners and management companies a constructive force through which to work together for the betterment of the multifamily housing industry.

A Board of Directors governs the Indiana Apartment Association. The board is comprised of member representatives from across the state. Headed by the President, a qualified staff assists in providing the manpower necessary for maintaining a positive image for the industry and representing the Association professionally.

2017 IAA Officers

Chad Greiwe
Gene B. Glick Company

Vice Chairman
Cindy Koehler
Berkshire AHP

Mark Juleen
J C. Hart Company

Tom Spencer
Meridian Management Corp.

Sandy Carmin
Englert Management Corporation

IAA Staff

Lynne Petersen, CAE
[email protected]

Director of Accounting
Mary Massey
[email protected]

Events & Exposition Assistant
Meredith Galliher
[email protected]

Director of Government Affairs
Gretchen White
[email protected]

Director of Membership & Professional Development
Pat Gleason
[email protected]

Front Desk Coordinator
Cassandra Bingham
[email protected]

Communications & Member Services Coordinator
Chelsea Conover
[email protected]

IAA Officers

Sandy Carmin
Englert Management Corporation

Vice Chairman 
Chad Greiwe
Gene B. Glick Company

Mark Juleen
J C. Hart Company

Brian Cranor Cityscape
Residential, LLC

Jerry K. Collins
Flaherty & Collins Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

IAA receives many inquiries about the multifamily housing industry. People often ask us about renting an apartment in Indiana, but more and more, we are getting inquiries about careers within the industry. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we have received:

Careers in Property Management

Q: Is working in the apartment industry a good way to make a living?
A: We believe it is. There are many resources for you through national trade associations and universities.

Renting an Apartment

Q: If I decide to rent, will I have to sign a lease?
A: Leases are generally required by reputable owners, landlords and property management companies, for your protection as well as theirs. Lease clauses identify the agreement between the landlord and the resident in specific terms, so both parties know exactly what is required of them.

Q: Will I receive a copy of my lease?
A: A lease is a legal contract, and all parties signing the document have a right to copies.

Q: Can the rent go up during the term of my lease?
A: Only if your lease has a provision for an increase during the lease term. Otherwise, your rent will be the amount stated on the lease for the duration you signed for.

Q: If I do not pay my rent, what will happen?
A: Late charges could be incurred. In addition to possibly charging late fees, the owner or management company could also file to evict you from the property, and notify credit reporting agencies of your non-payment. Other charges associated with a late rental payment could be required, depending on your lease provisions.

Q: What repairs is the owner/management company required to make, and what should I do if they are not made to my satisfaction?
A: Review your lease – it should address repairs. It is a good idea to notify the manager of your request in writing, and document any subsequent attempts to get the repair made. It is never a good idea to withhold rent in lieu of repairs being made, nor is it a good idea to move out without giving proper notice because of a maintenance problem.

Q: What is proper notice?
A: Your lease will indicate the required notice period to vacate your apartment.

Q: Can’t I just move out when my lease is up if I want to?
A: Usually, the notice period indicated in your lease is still required to be given, even if your lease is expiring.

Q: What if I need to break my lease before it expires?
A: You will most likely be charged an early termination fee or be required to pay rent for a period of time, possibly until the lease does expire. Your lease may address early termination. If it does not, request the community/company policy in writing prior to terminating your lease.

Q: How do I get my security deposit refunded?
A: There are several things you can do to help ensure a refund:

  • Give the proper notice to vacate, per your lease agreement
  • Fulfill your lease term – do not move out prior to lease expiration
  • Do not have any outstanding balances on your account
  • Leave the apartment clean and in the same condition it was when you moved in
  • Be sure to leave your forwarding address in writing with the management office

Charitable Contributions

Giving back is an important aspect to membership in the Indiana Apartment Association.

Anthony G. Gorup Foundation

Named after the IAA Executive Director from 1973 – 1999, The Anthony G. Gorup Education Foundation is a public benefit corporation, operated exclusively for the following charitable and educational purposes:

  • To promote the future of the Indiana apartment industry through education and contribution
  • To support and fund scholarships and/or fellowships to further the education of individuals interested in any facets of the apartment industry
  • To educate the general public and the apartment industry about economic and business, opportunities and issues that impact the future of the Indiana apartment industry

The Indiana Apartment Association has been hosting an annual fundraiser for the Foundation every year since 2001, generating thousands of dollars. The Foundation recently contributed $30,000 to the Ball State University Residential Property Management Program to be used for scholarships.

Rebuilding Lives

In 2008, the multifamily housing industry suffered losses from severe weather. From tornadoes to floods, apartment communities across the state saw devastation that reached beyond the owners and management companies and directly impacted the residents living there.

With that in mind, IAA started its philanthropic focus in 2009 to help apartment community residents who find themselves in a position of replacing their belongings and rebuilding their lives.

Our goal for the “Rebuilding Lives” campaign is to establish a support center to provide donations and emergency supplies when disaster strikes. At a time when a property and residents are facing losses due to fire or natural disaster, we want to be there…whether through donating clothing, food, water or a helping hand, the Indiana Apartment Association wants to support our members. Click here for information on how to donate.


SAL was created in memory of Sally Lentz-Crouse, who was a leader in the multifamily housing industry and one of the first woman members of the IAA Board of Directors. To keep Sally’s legacy alive, in 2008 the Indiana Apartment Association began an annual Leadership Retreat. SAL encourages women to reach higher levels of leadership by helping them gain the life skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to achieve their professional and personal goals.


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Lynne Petersen, CAE
[email protected]

Director of Communications
Chelsea Conover
comm[email protected]

IAA Phone Contact
317.816-8900 phone
317.816.8911 fax

IAA Mailing Address
9100 Keystone Crossing, Suite 725
Indianapolis, IN 46240


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Information to Share

Join a Committee in 2018!

If you know us, you know we are an active and engaged association that commits to advancing the multifamily industry in Indiana. We remain focused on our goal, but we also know how to have fun. Unlike most meetings you attend, our committee meetings are composed of passionate professionals dedicated to their roles and their energy is absolutely contagious. After attending one of our committee meetings you’ll feel inspired to start a morning routine or cross off that one item on your to-do list that never seems to leave. We have committee meetings for every type of person too and they don’t require too much of your time – about one meeting per quarter depending on the season.

The best way to make the most of your membership is to become involved. If you are a first time volunteer, the Ambassador Committee is the training ground for future service in other committees.

Join us on a committee today!


Ambassador Committeemaintenanceeducationcommittee

If you are a first time volunteer, the Ambassador Committee is the best training ground for future service in other committees. Ambassador committee members are exposed to all areas of IAA’s operations as they work to recruit new members and welcome them into the association and work with existing members to expand the Vic the Vendor program.

Convention Committee

Plan the networking events, marketing plan, educational seminars, trade show and recruit sponsors/door prizes, and volunteer onsite of MMC.

Events Committee

Plan themes, locations, and entertainment for IAA’s fantastic events and fundraisers. Recruit sponsors and door prizes to bedazzle attendees. Volunteer onsite at all events.


Maintenance Committee

Passionate about maintenance? This committee focuses on all maintenance related events and classes hosted by IAA including Maintenance Mania, MESH, and the CAMT certification.

Golf Committee

Create new ideas/themes, solicit sponsors, door prizes, help raise fund for IAA PAC, and volunteer day of outing.

Professional Development

Help to create and support IAA’s educational offerings. Committee members will help with the planning of free education courses, Power Lunches, and the Property Bus Tour.

Young Professionals in Multifamily (YPM)ypmcommittee

If you are between the ages of 21-40 join this committee to help plan events for the young professionals in the industry as well as engaging young professionals as leaders and volunteers.


Increase engagement, advise, and recommend editorial content and promote advertising for INSites and Multifamily Minute.

Sign up for a committee today!

If you have more questions about one of our committees call us at 317-816-8900 or email us at [email protected]